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  • Our Diaper Bag Essentials


    We recently spoke to some moms to find out what items they can not live without and are ALWAYS in their diaper bag.

    There were a few items that everyone agreed on so we had to share.



    Arm & Hammer diaper bags: A must, need we say more


    My Blankee Stroller Blanket: You know 1 blanket is not enough.

    Your stroller blanket is bound to fall on the floor, get wet, or have something spill on it.


    Sophie the Giraffe: The best teething toy out there, moms swear by it and babies crave it.


    Reusable Snack bags: Super cute and super functional, find them on ETSY


    MD Moms sunscreen wipes: the easiest and best way to apply sunblock to our favorite piggies.


    Munckin twisty teether ball: babies love them and parents are happy


    Giggles all in one: be prepared for anything!  Easy to carry around so why not


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